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Numi Cordless Air Duster

The only tool you need to keep your electronics dust-free!


What Makes It Special?

Powerful Airflow

Our air duster produces a powerful air flow at 70m/s and has a top motor speed of 45000RPM, topping the market.

Long Run Time

The built in 15000mAh battery allows for up to 60 minutes of continuous run time, and the USB-C port allows for fast charging.

Lightweight & Cordless

The handy design allows for comfortable usage, maneuverability and easy storage, with a weight of only 475 grams.


Our cordless air duster is an eco-friendly alternative to canned compressed air that replaces 5000 cans, so you'll not only help save the environment, your wallet will thank you too!

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The #1 Electronics Cleaning Device

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